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A desalination living lab

A fully-equipped platform to research, develop, test and validate water desalination solutions.

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DESAL+ LIVING LAB has been officially running since 2017 and there are several number of R&D&I projects and services done or in progress.

Different applied research and development services for your project

A leading hub of skills and innovation in desalination and water-energy nexus.


Our DESAL+ LIVING LAB, that arises as an initiative of the DESAL+ project, is a fully-equipped public-private ecosystem located in the Canary Islands where, researchers, managers, technicians, businesses, water bodies and knowledge institutions can cooperate and research, develop, test and validate water desalination solutions with water-energy nexus and the use of renewable energies approach.

Do you need a place to test and validate your desalination research or innovation?

The DESAL+ LIVING LAB, located in the Canary Islands, offers to manufacturers, companies, technology centers, researchers, etc. different environments (spaces, facilities, infrastructures, equipment, etc.) where your research, develop, test and/or validation of water desalination solutions could take place.
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About us

Multi-stakeholders cooperate in this Platform to promote and facilitate water desalination innovations and solutions driven by renewable energies and to increase R&D excellence and desalinated water-energy nexus knowledge. The DESAL + LIVING LAB is a desalination hub with different research centers and companies that make their resources and skills in desalination available to the platform, in addition to a series of institutions that collaborate from the public-private sector.
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