Categorias Research and Demo Infrastructure

A unique in the world desalination-oriented real-life and testbed infrastructure has been defined to research, develop, test and validate water desalination solutions with water-energy nexus and the use of renewable energies approach. The selected available experimental and real conditions fully-equipment infrastructure is divided in the following areas:

    • ■ ITC Pozo Izquierdo seawater desalination test-bed facilities (pilot, experimental and pre-industrial conditions) – 0,1 km² – wind energy and solar photovoltaic fields, seawater and brine discharge
    • ■ PLOCAN off-shore platform (pilot, experimental, pre and industrial conditions) – 23 km² – 600 m maximum depth
    • ■ ITC Water lab (sea, brine and desalted water characterization)
    • ■ 3 demo areas inside in private industrial desalination plants (real conditions tests)
    • ■3 pilot desalination plants for testing

Within the DESAL+ Living Lab, the different actions in which is involved this infrastructure are:

  • ■ Studies and technical reports
  • ■ Analysis and tests in laboratory
  • ■ Testing in pilot plants
  • ■ Prototype development
  • ■ Applications in real environments
  • ■Knowledge transfer and training