Skills & Resources

DESAL+ LIVING LAB is a research and innovation desalination hub with several experimental and real locations in the Canary Islands and more than 25 high-qualified researchers. Besides, the living lab has set up collaborations with different public-private partners with desalination plant locations in Madeira, Cape Verde and Mauritania.

With available research infrastructure, field equipment and desalination plants, the platform consists in unique facilities, laboratories, test benches, field equipment, desalination prototypes, real-conditions desalination plants and renewable energies, experimental land or off-shore areas, etc. unique in the world.

Unique high – performance equipment for analysis and tests, machinery and special vehicles, computer equipment and specific software, etc.

Availability in the form of:

      • ■ Collaborative project (external use)
      • ■ Shared with supervision (external use)
      • ■ By leasing (external use)
      • ■ Service provision (internal use)

      Human resources: DESAL+ Living Lab also counts with an important group of researchers, engineers and plant operators with high qualifications and knowledge in the desalination sector.

      Types of actions that can be carried out within the framework of the DESAL+ Living Lab:

      • ■ Studies and technical reports
      • ■ Analysis and tests in laboratory
      • ■ Testing in pilot plants
      • ■ Prototype development
      • ■ Applications in real environments
      • ■ Knowledge transfer and training