Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Do you provide access to a lab and analytical equipment?
    Yes, if so agreed. Each member of the platform makes available to users a series of infrastructures and equipment, which availability can be in the form of collaborative project (external use), shared with supervision (external use), by leasing (external use) and/or by service provision (internal use).
  • Is there a limit to how many projects can be done at your site at once?
    There is no maximum limit on projects that can make use of the platform at the same time. This will depend on the particular requirements of each project and the projects that may already be in place at the time of a request. The platform integrates facilities and resources of various entities and companies, so the requirements of space or services are measured according to the requirements of each project, demo or pilot.
  • Is there a minimum/maximum production capacity?
    Not minimum. The maximum will depend on the site chosen for hosting. We must not forget that we are talking about a place to test prototypes on a pilot or demo scale so, the systems do not reach the large commercial or industrial scale. In addition, there is the limiting factor of the seawater intake rate and/or brine discharging.
  • Do you have operators available to help?
    Yes, if so agreed. DESAL+ Living Lab counts with an important group of researchers, engineers and plant operators with high qualification and knowledge, providing desalination, water-energy nexus and renewable energies demonstrated experience.
  • Is there some minimum/maximum time limit for a project?
    It will depend on the particular requirements of each project or service, which is agreed and reflected in a service provision contract between DESAL+ Living Lab and the applicant entity or partner agreement if the project is collaborative.
  • Is there a fee associated with the use of your facility? With utilities?
    External entities interested in using the facilities, must enter into a process of negotiating a service provision contract with the ITC or with the member of the platform that will carry out the hosting. With utilities? Yes. Access to other services is also an aspect to be reflected in the contract between the parties.
  • Is there 24/7 access?
    Yes, with a series of conditions that must be negotiated and then reflected in the contract.
  • Which technical information of my research project do we have to share if we are interested in testing it in the Platform?
    Issues like: Demo size. Total area required (m2)? Installation and testing period duration? Seawater requirement: flow and volume/day required (Pozo Izquierdo has a beach well – Atlantic water 38 g/l, SDI<2). Electrical grid connection required? – if yes, power required (kW) and energy consumption (kWh). Recovery rate, brine produced (volume and quality), brine discharge (flow (m3/h) and nominal operation daily estimation (h/day). Possible impacts that could generate your technology, use of chemical products in the desalination process. Renewable energy technology to be installed (kW, land requirement, height, etc.). Any other info you consider relevant for your testing.