Categorias R&D&i Activities

Following the priority innovation lines of the DESAL+ Living Lab, the members are focussed in several research and demo activities and services:

  • ■ Modelling and simulation of the desalination process
  • ■ Technologies, processes and efficient designs for seawater and brackish water desalination
  • ■ Integration and optimization of renewable energy (wind, solar, marine) sources for desalination
  • ■ Reverse osmosis: energy saving, energy recovery and direct use of renewable energies to the desalination process
  • ■ Energy and environmental characterization of the desalination processes. Indicators of energy efficiency, eco-efficiency and energy sustainability
  • ■ Large-scale studies (insular, commonwealth) of the contribution of renewable energies to desalination.
  • ■ Application of intelligent techniques in the field of the predictive maintenance in desalination.
  • ■ Control, evaluation and proposals for improvement the physical-chemical and microbiological quality of desalted waters for different uses. Application of desalted waters in agriculture
  • ■ Management of brine discharge. Advice on the design and selection of technologies for brine recovery
  • ■ Green-chemistry applied to desalination process
  • ■ Scientific-technical advice for the improvement of the operation of the physical-chemical pre-treatments
  • ■ Advice on design and selection of emerging desalination technologies. Analysis of costs, energy efficiency and water qualities
  • ■ Advice on procedures for characterization and evaluation (testing) of new membranes; in structural and chemical characterization of membrane fouling. Chemical cleaning of membranes. Preliminary membrane autopsy