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Publicaciones científicas


AÑO 2020

CABRERA, Pedro, et al. The MATLAB Toolbox for EnergyPLAN: A tool to extend energy planning studies. Science of Computer Programming, 2020, In Press.

AÑO 2019


AÑO 2018

AÑO 2017

BLANCO-MARIGORTA, A.M., Lozano-Medina, A., Marcos, J.D. A critical review of definitions for exergetic efficiency in reverse osmosis desalination plants. Energy, 2017, vol. 137, p. 752-760.

BLANCO-MARIGORTA, A. M., Lozano-Medina, A., Marcos, J.D. The exergetic efficiency as a performance evaluation tool in reverse osmosis desalination plants in operation. Desalination, 2017, vol. 413, p. 19-28.

CABRERA, P., Carta, J.A., González, J., Melián, G. Artificial neural networks applied to manage the variable operation of a simple seawater reverse osmosis plant. Desalination, 2017, vol. 416, p. 140-156.